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Zack Martin Senior editor

This review applies to version 1.9. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Alcohol 120% helps you to make a back-up copy of your Game / Software / CDs / DVDs.

Copying Protected or Copy Righted CDs are illegal. But for someone who owns the CD and want to make a backup copy of it, no one can blame him.
Because optical disks can easily get scratched, damaged, broken or lost.

This program also gives you a virtual CD/DVD which can be used to mount the Image of any disk. So, for the games that require you to put the CD into drive, this program is very useful. A maximum of 31 virtual drives can be used!

There is an image finder that can be used to serach for disk images in your computer and add it to the alcohol's list. So, we can load the images easily.

1.9 version includes an "Extra Wizard" that can be used for creating images, like Nero. We can drag and drop files and create a disk image for loading in virtual disk or we can burn them to a disk later. It only supports UDF file system!

It cannot copy all kinds of protected disks. Also, copying a protected disk is difficult if you don't know what kind of protection it is using. For that, you may use the Alcohol toolbar for Internet Explorer. But that information is not really complete, but can be used for all new games and softwares.

Many featues and support for the diiferent file systems and disks make it a really good program.


  • Can copy laserlock and SafeDisk CDs.
  • Supports many kinds of CD/DVD image files.
  • Virtual Disk.
  • CD/DVD Burner.
  • Fair price.


  • Virtual Disk Driver is not fully compatible with windows.
  • Can't copy all kinds of protection.
  • Disk Recording is not easy to use.

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    Uni 7 years ago

    Power software

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    Guest 8 years ago

    Excellent little program. You can make a software backup of almost all your games, so you don't have to take the chance of scratching your expensive disks putting them into the drive all the time.


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